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March 23, 2022 Services0

Frequently asked questions about dental implants, your questions answered.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are prosthetics made of titanium alloy that replace the root of the tooth and support a prosthesis. These prosthetics, once anchored to a healthy bone, provide reliable stability for the patient’s new teeth. Implants are suitable for patients who have lost one, several, or all of their teeth. They contribute towards improving your physical appearance and ability to chew.


February 25, 2022 Procedures0

With a 98% success rate, no wonder thousands of people are turning to dental implants to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth root anchored in your mouth which fuses with natural bone over time. It functions like a normal tooth. Dental implants have improved the lives of thousands of people.


October 21, 2021 General0

Dental implants are the best long lasting tooth replacement solution available. They look and feel like natural teeth and you maintain them just like real teeth. To get the full benefit from dental implants, however, you need to entrust your procedure to the right doctor.


September 16, 2021 Procedures0

Dental implants are permanent so you want to care for them to keep them natural looking. Maintaining your dental implants couldn’t be any easier than if they were real teeth. In fact, one of the many great benefits of dental implants is that their care and maintenance is very similar to that of natural teeth. Here are the best ways to maintain your dental implants for a lifetime.


September 9, 2021 Procedures0

Dentures are the most common and easy solutions to replace missing teeth, but they do have their drawbacks. Dentures can become ill-fitting over time and begin to irritate the gums. They offer a somewhat natural look but they do not function as well as other tooth replacement remedies. Dental implants are the best option to replace missing teeth. If you’re thinking about transitioning from dentures to implants, here’s what you need to know:


August 11, 2021 Services0

The loss of your teeth can have negative effects on your ability to eat, your bite, facial structure and self-confidence. Since your teeth provide structure and support to your face, tooth loss can result in the sagging of your facial structure, sometimes called a sunken face and make you appear older than you are. It is important that missing teeth get replaced as soon as possible.

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