Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

March 23, 2022 0

Frequently asked questions about dental implants, your questions answered.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are prosthetics made of titanium alloy that replace the root of the tooth and support a prosthesis. These prosthetics, once anchored to a healthy bone, provide reliable stability for the patient’s new teeth. Implants are suitable for patients who have lost one, several, or all of their teeth. They contribute towards improving your physical appearance and ability to chew.

Do separate implants have to be placed for each missing tooth?

Not necessarily. Tehachapi dentist, Dr. Sanchez will assess the number of teeth that need to be replaced and the size of the prosthesis. Dr. Sanchez will also calculate how many implants are required. Each case has to be studied and planned in detail.

What will happen without treatment?

Your jawbone begins to shrink from lack of stimulation. Losing your teeth will affect your smile and change the shape of your face, causing you to look prematurely aged.

Who is a candidate?

Dental implants can be placed in most adults. Adolescents may be eligible once their face structure has matured. Tehachapi  dental implant expert Jose David Sanchez, D.D.S. can explain the benefits and risks to see if dental implants are right for you.

Is implant placement painful?

No, dental implants are typically placed under IV sedation by Dr. Sanchez. With sedation dentistry you will feel relaxed and may sleep through your dental treatment and wake up with a brand new smile.

How long does it take to place dental implants?

They may be placed in as little as 60 minutes to a few hours, depending on the location and the number of implants placed and the impact of the nearby teeth.

What if there is not enough bone or gum tissue for the dental implant?

If Dr. Sanchez determines there is not sufficient bone or gum tissue, then a bone graft may be needed to help repair and rebuild the damaged bone needed to support a dental implant. You may also have the option of getting Zygoma implants. They are a graftless solution that places the implant in the zygoma. They are permanent and will fuse with your natural bone.

When will I receive my new teeth?

Treatment time varies by patient. However, on the day of your surgery, you will walk out with fixed temporary teeth. Your jaw will need about 3-4 months for the implants to bond with your bone. Once the bone has fused with the implants, your permanent teeth can be placed.

How do I care for my implants?

Home care for your implants consists of brushing and flossing, just like natural teeth. Regular dental visits to our Tehachapi dental office are required for long-term health and success.

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

Most dental insurance companies categorize a tooth implant as a cosmetic procedure and do not cover the implant procedure. Some insurance policies may cover a portion of the dental implant cost if it can be determined a medical necessity. Because there are so many medical and dental insurance policies, it is best to check your individual policy to determine your coverage. If you need to get dental implants, you will probably have some out-of-pocket expenses.

Sedation and Implant Dentistry of Tehachapi offers financing to help you get the smile you deserve.

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