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January 5, 2023 Health0

Anyone can be affected by bad breath, also known as halitosis. It can be embarrassing but the good news is that it is usually treatable! Let’s get down to the facts on bad breath.


July 22, 2021 Health1

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is an infection that damages the gums. It can deteriorate you jawbone and cause tooth loss. Periodontal disease is generally caused by poor oral hygiene. If left untreated, it can cause serious problems like diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and lung disease.


March 26, 2021 Health1

Halitosis or bad breath is a common condition that affects people everywhere, even those with good dental hygiene. Bad breath is a very embarrassing and unpleasant condition, and unfortunately some people with bad breath don’t even realize they have it.


October 27, 2020 Health0

Good oral hygiene is important, not only for looks, but for general health as well. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental and medical problems such as gum disease, infection, bone loss, heart disease, strokes and more. Following, are ten important reasons to maintain our recommended schedule of dental cleanings.

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