Bone grafting is a safe and highly successful procedure that involves the building up or adding bone to the jaw by using your own natural bone from another location and/or by using donor, processed or synthetic bone materials. Often the new bone can be obtained from inside the mouth.

Bone grafts can be performed in our Tehachapi dental office using anesthesia to numb the areas that will be involved or sometimes  with intravenous sedation to remove anxiety. After the procedure, patients may be given antibiotics and pain medication (if needed), an antibacterial mouthwash and instructions to avoid eating certain foods and putting pressure on the bone graft. You will return home it will take some time for the bone graft to heal. You should be able to work the next day and go about your everyday life.

If dental implants are required, your implants will be placed after the grafted bone has fused and become a strong, integrated part of the existing bone. The amount of time the integration takes varies depending on the location of the graft and the density of the bone. It may take three or more months.

For more information on bone grafts please contact our Tehachapi dental office at (661) 822-3727. Dr. Sanchez and his staff will be happy to answer your questions.


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