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Endodontics is the discipline in dentistry focusing on saving teeth and helping you maintain your natural smile. Our dentist will diagnose and treat tooth pain as well as perform root canal treatments. When the tooth’s nerve becomes inflamed or infected, either due to trauma or extensive decay, it is likely that tooth will cause tremendous pain. In order to relieve the pain, the infected internal contents of the tooth need to be removed by performing a root canal treatment.

The goal of root canal treatment is to clean out and disinfect the internal dental pulp (arterioles, venules, nerves and tissues) space. This treatment will prevent the tooth from becoming re-infected. The root canal therapy can be completed in one visit. 

We Get To The Root Of The Problem

Millions of healthy endodontically treated teeth serve patients all over the world, years and years after treatment. Those healthy teeth are helping patients chew efficiently, maintain the natural appearance of their smiles and enhance their enjoyment of life. Through endodontic treatment, dentists worldwide enable patients to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.


Endodontic treatment have a very high success rate. Many root canal-treated teeth last a lifetime. With a root canal we try to save your teeth. Removal of the pulp chamber, requires a crown or post, that can be placed the same day.

The infected tooth can cause severe oral pain and tooth sensitivity. With a root canal, we will try to save your teeth. Your treatment begins with opening the tooth chamber. Dr. Sanchez will remove the infection in and around the tooth. He will remove the nerve tissue from the canals and all decay buildup around the tooth. Next he will fill the tooth with a permanent bond to ensure that germs do not travel into your bloodstream. Then the dentist will cap the tooth with a new crown at a later date. At Sedation and Implant Dentistry of Tehachapi we use microscope assisted endodontics when needed. 


  • Pain Relief
  • Removes Infection
  • Save Your Tooth
  • Stops Tooth Sensitivity

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