Teeth extractions, including wisdom teeth are some of the oral surgeries offered offered by Jose David Sanchez, D.D.S. in Tehachapi.


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Every patient has unique needs that require special care and attention. We believe that every patient deserves a comprehensive evaluation and custom tailored treatment options based on their goals and expectations.

Jose David Sanchez D.D.S. and staff will provide you with a plan that addresses both your oral surgical needs and overall well being, while keeping long-term results in mind. No matter how simple or complex your dental and oral surgical needs are, we will take note of what you require and help you achieve your treatment goals.


Oral surgical procedures may include tooth extraction, impacted tooth removal, dental implants or dealing with TMJ (Tempromandibular Joint pain). Tooth extractions, perhaps the most recognized form of oral surgery, may be required for various reasons.

  • Partially erupted or impacted wisdom teeth
  • Teeth that have deteriorated past repair, such as with serious decay, a fractured root or trauma to the tooth
  • Baby (primary) teeth that have not come out and are preventing permanent teeth from coming in
  • Teeth that must be removed in following a specific orthodontic treatment plan


Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to develop. Sometimes they emerge from the gum line, and the jaw is large enough to allow room for them, but more often than not, they fail to emerge and become impacted. When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it may need to be removed. Impacted wisdom teeth that are partially or fully erupted tend to be quite difficult to clean and are susceptible to tooth decay, recurring infections and even gum disease.

Dr. Sanchez has extensive training in teeth extractions. With his education in dental anesthesia you can sleep safely and comfortably while getting your teeth removed. 

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