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Clean your teeth regularly to avoid gum disease, cavities, and other oral and teeth issues. Isn’t it wonderful when you go to the dentist, get a great report, and then get sent on your way without mention of cavities, root canals, or any other additional procedures?

If that happens to you enough times, you might get the feeling that you don’t need to show up every six months. Well, it may surprise you to know how much actually takes place during your visit to the dentist. For you, it may seem like just a quick checkup and cleaning, but the truth is, your dentist is doing a whole lot more than that. Regular visits to your dentist may have as much to do with your clean bill of health as your brushing and flossing do.

Take a look below at 10 reasons you need to get regular teeth cleanings from your dentist.

Prevent gum disease

Gum disease is one of the leading causes of adult tooth loss, but in it’s early stages, it can actually be reversed. Regular cleanings give your dentist the opportunity to catch gum disease before it advances and becomes more serious.

Prevent bad breath

Bad breath, medically called halitosis, is often caused by a dental problem. Through regular dental cleanings, your dental hygienist can help get rid of bacteria hiding in hard-to-reach areas and offer suggestions and techniques for reaching those areas that may need more attention. In addition, your dentist can keep an eye out for gum disease or other health conditions that may contribute to bad breath.

Maintain your oral health

The visual examination you receive with your cleaning allows your dentist to compare your previous dental check-ups to where you are now. This helps to ensure you’re on track in maintaining your oral health – or to turn things around if you’re not.

Prevent serious dental problems

Routine cleanings and examinations help your dentist detect early signs of dental issues, which if left untreated, could cause more serious problems. Cavities, broken fillings, and early stage gum disease all require relatively simple fixes. But if they’re not caught in time, you may need more complex dental work, such as root canals, extraction, or gum surgery.

Maintain overall health

Studies link heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease to diseases that originate in the mouth. Visiting your dentist regularly for cleanings can help prevent and detect those oral diseases before they affect your overall health.

Early detection of oral cancer

Oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer, and it causes nearly 8,000 deaths a year. The earlier it’s detected and treated, the better the survival rate. During your examination, your dentist will check for oral cancer indicators, including lumps or irregular tissue in your mouth, head, and neck.

Keeps your smile bright

Sure you could live with teeth stained from coffee, tobacco, tea, and wine. But eventually, you’ll become self-conscious and start hiding your smile. During regular cleanings, your dentist will remove those stains that dull your teeth, so your smile is polished and bright.

Help extend the life of your teeth

Believe it or not, 30% of adults over age 65 in non-metropolitan areas have lost all their teeth. Although the number is 21% in metropolitan areas, it’s still pretty high. Regular cleanings and examinations from your dentist can make the difference between losing and keeping your natural teeth.

Create a treatment plan

When you visit the dental office regularly, it gives your dentist the opportunity to keep an eye on issues that arise and create a treatment plan for addressing them. Although most people don’t necessarily look forward to scheduled visits for dental procedures, it’s a much better option than dealing with them on an emergency basis.

Saves money

If you’re paying for dental insurance, you might as well use it. Most dental insurance plans cover the cost of cleanings and checkups every six months. Know why? Because it saves money that would have been spent on emergency or complex procedures that can be avoided with prevention. The same is true for you someone who doesn’t have dental insurance. You’ll spend less on regular cleanings and checkups than you would on future emergencies.

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