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I went to Dr. Sanchez with a mess of a mouth. I’m now sporting a new set of dentures (I couldn’t afford implants) that look great! He was sympathetic and caring; not once did he make me feel bad about the condition of my teeth. When the first impressions didn’t work for the lab he custom made a set from wax. Dr Sanchez is caring and gentle with an awesome sense of humor. The entire office staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

I’m posting a picture of me just a few hours after surgery with my new smile. I experienced very little swelling and no bruising; I was expecting both. When I had two wisdom surgically removed in my younger days I was ridiculously swollen with bruises all around my jaw and down my neck. I had 14 removed and a bony growth taken from the roof of my mouth two days ago and feel pretty damned good!
– Annette K.

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