Do You know If Dental Implants Right For You?


Your teeth were intended to last a lifetime, but sometimes they don’t. Making the decision to replace missing teeth is important to your general health and to the health of your other teeth. Not only do you lose the ability to chew when a tooth is lost, missing teeth can cause other teeth to be lost, crowded and create future problems.

There are the obvious complications of poor appearance and loss of self-esteem caused by one or more missing teeth. Having dental implants should always be regarded as an option to replace a weak or missing tooth. Dental implants have been used for treating missing teeth for over 50 years. The procedure is recognized as a successful treatment choice. This method of permanent replacement is considered more reliable than bridgework, resin bonded bridges and endodontic treatment.

Most patients ponder the difficult decision to undergo surgery. Utilizing a method to insert dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth can be a little stressful. Many practitioners, including general dentists, are well qualified to perform implants, based on their extensive experience and in-depth training. Dr. Jose David Sanchez and his well trained staff will provide all the answers to the questions you have about dental implants. Contact Sedation and Implant Dentistry of Tehachapi for a consultation by calling (661) 822-3727.

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