Why use PaX-i3D dental imaging?

February 6, 2024 0

Medical professional want to utilize the best possible tools for their patients. Prior to doing any dental work such as implants or root canals, it is important for the doctor to know exactly what they are dealing with. In the past, a Panorex image was used because that was state-of-the-art. But today, the PaX-i3D digital imaging process is becoming the standard for most dentists.

The Tehachapi dental office of Dr. David Sanchez is proud to announce the availability of a fully-capable PaX-i3D imaging machine for all of your CT scan needs before and after surgery. Instead of relying on old technology or sending your patients hours away for a precise scan, you can utilize the PaX-i3D scan from Dr. Sanchez’ office and have your results faster.

Why 3D imaging over Panorex?

Panorex was the standard for many years, but 3D imaging offers a much more comprehensive look at the situation the doctor faces. A Panorex does not show nerve position, the condition of the sinuses, issues with joints, bone and tissue decay, blocked or troubled airways, and bone density.

With 3D imaging, you get all of this information and more. You can get a very comprehensive picture of what your patient is dealing with, and that helps you to make a more accurate treatment plan. In a time where doctors face legal challenges for just about everything they do, having a 3D scan will help to eliminate the mistakes that can result in potential legal liabilities.

What Can Be Done With 3D Imaging?

There are many applications for Dr. Sanchez’ PaX-i3D imaging machine, but some of the primary applications include:

  • Properly diagnosing and treating TMJ
  • Precise planning of dental implant placement and installation
  • Planning for sinus lifts
  • More accurate root canal surgery preparations
  • Creating more comfortable crowns
  • Pre-surgery pathology procedures such as finding infections, looking for sources of mucus, and identifying areas of puss

Having a precise and comprehensive radiology report to prepare for surgery. Keep in mind that none of these critical treatment tasks are possible with the use of a Panorex image. It is only with a PaX-i3D imaging machine that you can get this critical assistance in preparing for surgery.

Excellent Resource For Orthotics

Dentists can benefit significantly from the use of a PaX-i3D imaging machine, but there are several other benefits for orthotics. PaX-i3D imaging machine can help with:

We can also do Panorex 2D x-rays for our orthodontist clients if those types of images are still needed. We offer the full service you would get from any other scanning facility, and that includes comprehensive radiology and scan reports that are available for an additional fee.

The PaX-i3D imaging machine can let doctors know if patients have stopped growing to get a much more accurate understanding of the dental issues the patient faces. Patients who have not stopped growing are not candidates for dental implants. With this advanced technology, a doctor can see whether or not growth has stopped and make a much more accurate diagnosis.

Instead of wasting precious time sending your patients to Bakersfield or Lancaster for a CT scan, you can send them to the Tehachapi dental office of Dr. David Sanchez to get scanned by the PaX-i3D imaging machine. With these types of comprehensive images, you can make better decisions on the treatment of your patients and be able to fully justify your diagnosis.

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