Secure Loose Dentures with All-on-4® Full Arch Dental Implants by Dr. David Sanchez

December 15, 2022 0

Dr. Jose David Sanchez welcomes new patients with missing teeth and  loose dentures in Tehachapi, CA to come in for All-on-4® dental implants.

Tehachapi, CA December 19, 2022 – Patients with missing teeth or those with loose dentures in Tehachapi, CA can now schedule an All-on-4® dental implants consultation with experienced implant dentists, Jose David Sanchez D.D.S. Dr. Sanchez provides exceptional dental implant and IV sedation services at his Tehachapi office and welcomes patients from the surrounding areas, including Bakersfield, Lancaster and Palmdale, CA. All-on-4 full arch dental implants provide patients with painful and loose dentures or missing multiple teeth the opportunity to restore a complete smile, including a return to full dental function and smile aesthetics.

Missing one or multiple teeth can cause serious oral and overall health problems for patients. Without proper biting and chewing function, chewing food becomes difficult, causing a decline in overall health. Without teeth, the jaw bone also begins to resorb and shrink, leaving no support for the lips, mouth and jaw. Tooth loss can dramatically age a patient’s facial features, leading to a loss of smile and facial aesthetics as well as dental function and oral health. Dental implants look and act like natural teeth, and  restore tooth function and smile aesthetics.

All-on-4 full arch dental implants is a treatment protocol that replaces all failing or missing teeth in a whole arch. Using the All-on-4 method, four dental implants are surgically placed into predetermined spaces in the jaw bone to support an entire arch of artificial teeth. All-on-4 allows for immediate placement of this full arch prosthesis so a return to function and aesthetes is realized the day of surgery. When the final, custom prosthesis is permanently in place, patients can enjoy a higher quality of living without a restricted diet and renewed self-confidence. Using the latest technology and sedation options, Dr. Sanchez places All-on-4 full arch dental implants that consistently bring patients a lifetime of improved health, function, and beauty.

Dr. Sanchez welcomes new patients with missing teeth and loose dentures in Tehachapi, CA to learn more about All-on-4 dental implants at their Kern County CA office. He invites new patients to schedule a consultation online at or call (661) 822-3727.

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