Is sedation dentistry right for you?

December 22, 2021 0

Does the thought of visiting the dentist give you panic attacks? Well dental sedation is used during procedures to relax the patient during dental treatments. So which sedation treatment is right for you?

Sedation choices are administered in different ways and vary depending on your treatment and level of anxiety. Here are your options when it comes to sedation dentistry.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide is considered one of the lightest forms of sedation. Nitrous helps people relax by using gas and air to help them feel calm and comfortable. The effects wear off fairly quickly and you’ll be alert and conscious throughout the procedure, although you may not remember all of it. Laughing gas is ideal for patients who need to be able to drive themselves home after the procedure or return to work afterward. Nitrous may be a good fit for you if you feel uncomfortable with deeper levels of sedation and want to be as alert as possible throughout the procedure. However, you’ll still be relaxed and pain-free, making this form of sedation a good choice for people who suffer from low anxiety.

IV Sedation

For people with severe dental phobia, IV sedation may a good option. With IV sedation, your dentist is able to control your level of unconsciousness to provide you with just the right level of sedation. This type of sedation may be used for more intensive dental work. It’s done intravenously, so no oral sedatives or nitrous oxide will be used with this form of sedation. It provides the most relaxation during your treatment. It’s best reserved for people who have severe dental anxiety and need the highest level of sedation to relax and be comfortable during their time at the dental office.

You can speak with your dentist before your dental appointment about which one is right for you. Don’t put off your dental appointment because of your anxiety. You may benefit from dental sedation. Schedule an appointment with the only IV sedation dentist in Tehachapi. Give us a call at (661) 822-3727.

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