Investing in a Travel Toothbrush

March 15, 2023 0

Do you have a travel toothbrush? A basic toothbrush will suffice when traveling, but a lot of toothbrushes are designed for convenience on the go. When it comes to investing in a travel toothbrush, which do you choose?

Why invest in a travel toothbrush?

Travel toothbrushes were designed for the consummate traveler who is frequently on the go. Many travel toothbrushes utilize portability, ease of use, innovative features that set them apart from the rest.

Here are some reasons why you may want to upgrade to a travel toothbrush for your next trip.

Compact: easier to store in your travel bags
Convenience: Many offer convenient features
Creativity: Innovative options are available
Low-cost: Most travel toothbrushes are inexpensive

Not your average travel toothbrushes
Another benefit of getting a new travel toothbrush is that it makes your oral care sessions more interesting. While simple travel toothbrushes are available, specialized versions can do a lot to enhance your oral care routine while traveling.

Consider spicing up your oral care on your next trip with these creative travel toothbrushes.

The Folding Toothbrush

Resembling a jack knife in design and function, the folding toothbrush is one of the most unique travel toothbrushes on the market. As its name implies, the toothbrush opens by unfolding the same way a fixed blade knife would. While the folding function is great for portability and for keeping the toothbrush clean, it truly stands out due to its cool factor.

The Finger Toothbrush

If you want a break from the standard method of holding a handle to brush your teeth, then this may be the ideal brush for you. Requiring only your finger to guide the brushing motion, the Finger Toothbrush gives you even more control over your brushing experience. Comprised of silicone, the Finger Toothbrush fits easily over your finger for a thorough brushing experience.

Personalized Travel Toothbrush

Perhaps a little customization will enrich your brushing experience. The Personalized Travel Toothbrush allows you to inscribe up to two lines of 26 characters. Considering that these are inexpensive and available in bulk, here are some ways they can be used:
• Personalize a toothbrush for each member of your family.
• Send personalized toothbrushes as gifts to others.
• Embed a creative message that encourages you to brush.
• Purchase personalized toothbrushes for your whole team or company.

The Go Brush

Eliminating the need to bring toothpaste, the Go Brush is an innovative product that stores toothpaste within the handle. From there, the perfect amount can be applied by simply rotating the tip of the handle. This has the following advantage for travelers:
• Less oral care equipment to bring on your trip
• Never worry about losing your toothpaste
• Perfect for hiking and trips where traveling light matters
• Ultra convenient for quick, effective oral care sessions

A Basic Toothbrush is Effective While Traveling Too

While a cleverly designed new travel toothbrush can spice up your oral care routine, it definitely isn’t required. Even the most basic and cheap toothbrush can keep your teeth clean so long as your technique, time, and effort are sufficient. If you’re traveling with a basic toothbrush, consider getting a sanitary holder that doesn’t trap water to ensure it stays fresh and ready to go. With a strong emphasis on convenience, the Go Brush offers a concise travel toothbrush that minimizes the oral care tools you have to bring while traveling.

No matter what kind of toothbrush you’re using, home care is only half the battle. The other half involves regular checkups with your dentist.

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